Introduction to Digital – Textures

Let’s get this part of the day over with then. It’s the easiest part to do, after all.

These are the photograph textures – these came from image searches.

Texture used for the floor (comes from this page):

Texture used for the haybales (comes from this page):

Texture used for the sky (comes from this page):

(It was rotated and edited in order to just display properly, but it still has a few problems with it.)

The next two are my struggles to make the 3D Paint Tool  and Photoshop both work for me.

Texture map for the green car:

(This was done while I was still trying to figure a lot of things out about how this even worked.)

Texture map for the blue car:

(This one’s laid out much better, but that doesn’t make it any less screwy.)

The other stuff is just coloured Lambert or Blinn materials.

How it all looks in the program:

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